The Woddafucka Thing © 2021

Feature Film, Cinemascope, 4K, B/W
Status: post-production
Genre: comedy

When a powerful mobster orders Afro-Berliner DJane Sweety to handle a lucrative deal, her career as a petty criminal finally seems to be taking off. But that very same evening, when she is robbed of all the loot, Sweety's visions of a comfortable future life all of a sudden turn into a nightmare: the mobster gives her just one week to pay off her debt. Only Sweety's straight-edge boyfriend Klaus might be able to help her out, but when she gets home she catches him in the act with another woman. Sweety is beside herself, knocking both boyfriend and lover out cold and fleeing the flat in the certainty that she’s now also gone and killed the blonde woman she knocked out. Sweety's nightmarish journey through Berlin has begun. Her last hope is Italian Gino and his German half-brother Ninja. These two unsuccessful karate teachers offer Sweety the opportunity to pull off a major heist together. It could save Sweety's life and simultaneously help Gino and Ninja pay the rising rent for their dilapidated karate club. Or even buy it and finally escape the pressure put on them by the most underhanded property sharks in the city. The unconventional preparations for the big robbery get underway. From here Sweety, Gino and Ninja embark on the greatest and most dangerous adventure of their lives.



La tristeza de un doble A - The history of the Bandoneon © 2020

Status: Fundraising  
Genre: Documentary

This documentary charts the history of the bandoneon and its music from its German birthplace of Carlsfeld to the cultural metropolis of Buenos Aires and back again. It's a long journey that isn't over yet. The film tells the almost forgotten story of one of Germany's most successful transmigrant instruments, which has been loved and admired by a growing community of fans for more than 150 years. German and Argentinian bandoneon enthusiasts present the historical sites from which the bandoneon started out on its triumphal procession. The film follows top tango artists into the diverse musical world of the bandoneon, which has featured in classical and jazz, traditional and electronic tango.


BALKAN DREAMS - EIN LEBEN IM 9/16 TAKT is finally hitting the cinema screens!

Over a five-year period, this feature-length documentary accompanies various people who hail from the Balkans and live in Berlin as they live their lives with all their ups and downs, passions and defeats, dreams and traditions.

The film will be released on 27th September in Berlin's long-standing Kino Lichtblick!

Production and distribution: Finimondo Productions   -  Direction: Gianluca Vallero