"l am big! lt's the pictures that got small!"
Sunset Boulevard.

Finimondo Productions was founded in 1999 by director and producer Gianluca Vallero. In Italian, Finimondo means something like "terrible din" and indeed the film production company made an immediate splash on the international independent film scene with its eponymous first work: the short film "Finimondo" won Gianluca Vallero the New York Academy Award in the Panorama section at the 2000 Berlin International Film Festival. Many further awards followed. Over the years Finimondo Productions has produced a whole series of films that have been acclaimed at a host of international festivals. Finimondo Productions develops mostly fictional film projects but also produces documentaries.

As an independent production company it is particularly interested in stories about people with different cultural identities, who never fail to surprise with their ideas, their way of life and their way of thinking. By telling such stories, Gianluca Vallero and his Finimondo Productions team hope to speak to an open-minded and curious audience of all ages that looks to the cinema for good entertainment – and doesn't need popcorn to be able to appreciate it.